Please Note: Your uniforms will be complete and ready to wear when you receive your order. Any patches you select will be sewn on, and pants will be hemmed to your selection. Your safety is our main concern, therefore we require State ID verification, for any items containing patches or department identifying prints. Simply email a copy, or fax to (661) 823-1669, after completing your order. ID is only necessary for your first order.
**ACADEMY PURCHASERS - Please provide your letter of acceptance.

NEW Menís Cargo Pants
NEW Women's Cargo Pants
Ultra Duty Jacket
NEW Flying Cross Men's Class B Shirt
NEW Flying Cross Women's Class B shirt
Flexible Fit Cap
CDCR 12 inch Beanie
CDCR 9 inch beanie
Garrison Belt 1 3/4"
Sam Brown Belt
Alarm Box Holder- PAD
3/4" Keepers
Leather Glove Case
Single Cuff Case
Double Key Ring Scabbard
Metal Key Ring Clip
Mini Mag Lite
Mini-Maglite Flashlight Holder
CDC Plastic Name Tag
Acme Thunderer Whistle 60.5
Radio Holder With Strap
Kiwi Military Shoe Care Kit
Everest Black Duty Bag
Men's Class B Cargo Pants
NEW Menís Cargo Pants
Men's Class A Trousers
Women's Class B Cargo Pants
NEW Women's Cargo Pants
Women's Class A Trousers
5.11 TDU Pants - Ripstop
511 Women's Tactlite Pant
Mens Flying Cross Short-Sleeved Class B Shirt
Women's Flying Cross Short Sleeve Class B Shirt
NEW Flying Cross Men's Class B Shirt
NEW Flying Cross Women's Class B shirt
Men's Flying Cross Long Sleeve Class B Shirt
Women's Flying Cross Long Sleeve Class B Shirt
NEW Men's Flying Cross Class A Shirt
NEW Women's Flying Cross Class A Shirt
511 Ripstop TDU Shirt - Long Sleeve
Hane's Beefy T-Shirt
511 Women's Tactlite
CDCR Tactical Camp Polo
CDCR Cotton 5.11 Tactical Polo
CDCR Camp Polo Long Sleeve
511 Tactical Short Sleeve Camp Polo
511 Tactical Long Sleeve Tactical Camp Polo
5.11 Camp 1/4 Zip Workshirt
CDCR 12 inch Beanie
CDCR 9 inch beanie
Boonie Hat
Woman's Pony Tail Cap
Flexible Fit Cap
Adjustable Cap
Trucker Mesh Back Adjustable Cap
Blauer 5110 Trooper Cap
Class A Hat
CDCR Cook Beanie
CDCR Cook Hat
Heavyweight Topps 7 oz. Corrections Jumpsuit
Lightweight 5.5 oz. Topps Corrections Jumpsuit
Full Length Rain Coat
Ultra Duty Jacket
CDCR V-Neck Sweater
Men's Class A Jacket
Womens Class A Jacket
Ultra Duty Jacket
Cloth Badge
Cloth Name Tag
Cloth Chevron
Shoulder Patches
Service Stripes
Flag Patches
Sergeant Chevrons
Lieutenant Bars
Captain Bars
Medical Cadeuse
Tie Bars
Flag Pin
Hat Badge
Mini Hat Badge
Mourn Band
CDC Key Chain
One Piece Corrections Supervising Cook Patch
Correctional Supervising Cook Rocker
Supervising Correctional Cook Rocker
Cook Circle 1 7/8" Patch
Cushioned Crew Health Sock
Men's Acrylic Dress Sock
Dress/Casual Sock
Metal Name Tag
CDC Transportation Name Tag
CDC Plastic Name Tag
Cloth Name Tag
Belt Mount MK-9 Holster
MK-9 OC Thigh Rig
Molle MK9 Holster
Tactical Gas Mask Holder Thigh Rig
Locking Belt Adapter
Belt Adapter
Harness / Suspenders
Locker Gear Bag
MK-9 Carrier
MOLLE Leg Plate
MOLLE Stinger Pouch
Nylon Grenade Pouch
Nylon Blast Dispersion Grenade Pouch
T16 Grenade Pouch
Nylon Single Pistol Mag Pouch
Belts and Belt Accessories
Flashlights & Accessories
Wallets, Badge & ID holders
Whistles & Accessories
Key Carriers
Ties, Tie Clips & Uniform Accessories
Everest Black Duty Bag

About Our Correction Uniforms

M & M Sports provides all of the items you need to complete your California Department of Corrections Uniform. All of our products are shipped complete and ready to wear. We sell a variety of CDCR trousers, from Menís Class B Trousers to Womenís Cargo Pants. Our correction uniform shirts are also available as Class A and Class B, as well as long and short sleeve.

We also offer many accessories including Corrections Hats, Gloves, and much more. Check out our Accessories section for additional uniform needs such as belts and flashlights.

All of our apparel arrives with any patches you selected sewn on. Our Insignias and Patches section has a full list of all your options.