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Tact Squad Menís Polyester Short Sleeve

Tact Squad Menís Polyester Short Sleeve
Item# 8012
Size:  Badge Type:  1st Initial + Last Name ($8.00): Collar Insignia:  Reverse American Flag with Gold Borders for Right Sleeve:  Edwards Patch Sewn On Left Sleeve:  Remove Epaulettes: 

Tact Squad Menís Polyester Short Sleeve


A Supply of Patches Has Been Provided To Us By The Department For Use On Your Uniforms

The short sleeve 100% Polyester Shirt is perfect for those warmer days when you need to stay cool while maintaining a professional appearance. An extra long tail guarantees your uniform wonít become untucked while on duty.


Pleated pockets and scalloped flaps with Velcro closures
Full badge sling
Supercrease military-styled creases front and back
Concealed zipper front added
Shoulder straps cross stitched symmetrically for neater appearance