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Locker Gear Bag

Locker Gear Bag
Item# TG360
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Tact Squad® Locker Stocker

The newly designed Locker Stocker is a perfect way to keep track of all the things that would otherwise get lost within your storage area. Never worry about where a piece of gear is, again.  
• Measures 11” x 53”, Heavy-duty nylon construction
• Six pen pockets
• One durable mirror
• One cell phone pocket
• One miscellaneous pocket for notepads, office supplies, etc.
• One heavy-duty clip for holding keys
• One radio holder
• One stinger flashlight holder
• Two magazine pouches
• One heavy-duty dot-snap handcuff holder
• One large flashlight ring holder
• One collapsible baton holder
• Molle system behind flashlight ring for convenience
• One large ticket book holder with Velcro closure
• One large well pocket at bottom to hold duty boots and shoes
• Two heavy-duty clips at top to connect to locker